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Safety Performance Measurement
The Safety Performance of the Company is monitored, proactively and reactively, to ensure that key safety goals continue to be achieved and surpassed. Monitoring by audit forms a key element of this activity and includes both a quantitative and qualitative assessment.

The results of all safety performance monitoring are documented and used as feedback to improve the system by identifying systemic weaknesses and accident precursors, and either eliminating or mitigating them. Risk management procedures help Management decide where the greatest risks are and help set priorities.


Customer Focus

Our Customer is King! Processes and procedures are designed to ensure maximum efficiency for the client. We have a systematic procedure of receiving and resolving all client complaints and concerns. Our procedure also ensures root cause analyses are conducted to prevent reoccurrences.


Human Capital
Kengas group brings together people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, perspectives and expertise. We are committed to creating a supportive atmosphere where every staff members input is taken into consideration .Our recruitment procedure has ensured that Kengas has a well qualified, workforce who possesses relevant skills and experience.

Our clients in turn, get the best customer service, expert advice and utmost professionalism from our Human capital.