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Kengas Link Limited provides transportation services in East and Central Africa. Our growing fleet ensures efficient delivery of over 15 million litres of AGO (Diesel), JET-A1 (Jet Fuel), PMS (Super), IDO (Industrial diesel Oil), IK (Illuminating Kerosene), on a monthly basis, and over 3000 containers annually. Cargo moved varies from containerized cargo, loose cargo and abnormal/ oversize cargo, which is transported using special low loaders.

Our on-demand fuel transportation services combine our proprietary dispatch methodology with the latest in fuel transportation technology. For efficiency, we have proper scheduling for cargo trucks and trailers that increase maximum output and turnaround time.

Logistics is a round the clock service and our manpower and machines planning ensures 24/7/365 availability to deal with all client requirements, including ad hock and emergency client requirement.

Our strategic geographical footprint throughout the region facilitates excellent service.

Kengas Link Limited has implemented advanced technology platform that provides customers with real-time response, real-time order confirmation, real-time order tracking, delivery confirmation/documentation, direct-to-driver contact, and inventory management.


  1. Customer Tailored solutions.
  2. Dual band track and Trace Service.
  3. Expert advice and logistical problem solving.
  4. Open door policy and communication.
  5. Regional geographical footprint.
  6. One stop shop for logistical solutions.