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  1. 1.      Our mission 

Kengas Group Mission is to be the leader in logistic services, for both fuel and cargo in East and Central Africa. 

  1. 2.      Our commitment 

In fulfilling our mission, Kengas strives at all times to offer tailor –made, customer centric   logistics solutions that comply with quality and safety measures. This is guaranteed by the elaborate tracking system of the trucks and trailers on transit, among our SHEQ policies and guidelines.

In compliance with SHEQ policies, Kengas has ensured that both cargo on transit and staff safety are adequately guaranteed.

Among other success factors, Kengas provides security seals for cargo, and has a 24 hour dual band track and trace services, that uses both GPRS and Satellite portals. We also insure all cargo, trucks and staff. Our clients can rest assured that we have one of the best Goods In Transit Insurance covers, hence all Cargo is adequately insured. 

2.1 Core Values:

Safety, Health & Environment 
Kengas operates within its SHEQ policy which provides a benchmark for operation excellence as prescribed to the ISO 9001:2008 Standards. Kengas operates its businesses safely and as good guardians of the environment. We ensure compliance with Environmental Regulations. HSE Stewardship is every employee’s responsibility. 

Honesty and integrity: Our policy is to be honest and open with all employees, our customers and stakeholders. Integrity in all that it does will be essential to its long-term success. 

Kengas values the input of its employees to its success. Trust, respect and value the opinions of all customers, employees and stakeholders as the critical component to collaborative efforts. We work as a team, seamlessly and across departmental lines to achieve corporate goals, and articulate all clients needs for better service delivery. 


Kengas strives to:

  1. Be competitive through competitive pricing, efficient and reliable operations and superior customer service.
  2. Adopt best practices, seek innovation and technological intervention.
  3. Apply technology as a competitive advantage and steward its controllable costs. 

 Customer Complaints Resolution and Communication
 As stipulated in the customer service procedures, in line with ISO 9001:2008, Kengas has we provide a clear roadmap on how customer complaints are captured and recorded, and how resolution is achieved. Customer Focus is in the heart of Kengas Operations.

Kengas has achieved best results by: 

  1.              Providing a dedicated customer service team that resolves all complaints within 24 hours of logging in of complaint by client.
  2.              Training all staff members on Customer Service, Proper Communication.
  3.              Customer surveys are carried out biannually and feedback received is used to review process, monitor and tailor products services deliver.

As a company, Kengas has employed a communication strategy that entails Communicating with Clarity, Completeness, Conciseness, and Concrete and correctly with customers and other stake holders.

This is achieved by:

  1. Actively listening to our clients and stakeholders.
  2. Being honest and accurate with the information that we provide.
  3. Responding to all enquiries promptly and courteously.
  4. Ensure Client information is handled  professionally and confidentially
  5. Inform customers of any changes or delays in good time, and by providing multiple feedback channels including emails, text ,messages and video links

3        Notice of temporary disruption 

Kengas link Limited will provide customers with notice in the event of a planned or unexpected disruption in the transport due to unforeseen situations such as floods, conflicts and other natural calamities /catastrophes’ that may disrupt delivery. This notice will include information about the reason for the disruption, its anticipated duration, and a description of alternative facilities or services, if available. 

The notice will be sent via post and email, after a call from the dedicated staff to the client.

Measuring the standards
Kengas is keen on monitoring progress and continuous improvement. We do this by:
  1. Seeking  regular feedback on customer satisfaction
  2. Investigate all complaints thoroughly and in a timely fashion
  3. Use feedback and results of complaint investigations to influence changes in customer care
4        Complaints/Grievances

If a client is not satisfied or has a complaint about the conduct/behavior of a member of the team, our service or our work, then please contact: