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Kengas Energy ltd is committed to meeting and exceeding customers’ requirements through seamless service delivery and excellent product quality at our service stations. Respect for the environment is integral to how we conduct our business. Safety is a core value. Our goal is to have zero fatalities and no incidents that cause harm to our people and neighbors and put our facilities at risk in all our service stations.

Alongside the training that we offer all our attendants, Kengas Energy takes great pride in the communities where we live and work, from volunteerism to sponsorship opportunities.


Kengas Energy has distinguished itself by the following key factors:

1.      Customer Satisfaction

Our clients are King. We provide each customer with Platinum Customer Service. We are always happy to serve our clients, receive them with greetings and offer free complimentary services at the service stations.

2.      Quality Products

Products meet the mark of quality. This includes AGO (Diesel), PMS (Super) and IK (Illuminating Kerosene)

3.      Trust:

Our customers pay for the exact quantities paid for, not more, not less.

Our teams are well trained on customer service, and will make your experience memorable by offering free services from our pump attendant: under-bonnet checks, tire gauge, window cleaning