Kengas Group :: Core Values

Kengas operates its businesses safely and as good guardian of the environment. We have met the environmental regulations, including NEMA approvals. In Kengas, HSE Stewardship is every employee’s responsibility. We observe OSHA standards, and staff members have appropriate PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) for handling different operations.

We have a policy of “Safety first”.

We have a culture of honesty and accuracy of information with our stakeholders, customer, and employees.

Kengas operates in an atmosphere of trust, respect and values the opinions of all employees, customers and stakeholders as the critical component to teamwork and collaborative efforts. We Work as a team, seamlessly and across departmental lines to achieve corporate goals.

We are keen in offering our clients competitive pricing through complimentary services, expert advice and adoption of scientific and technological advancements.

In Kengas, the most important member is the Team. Seamless services are guaranteed by our ability to work as a team, and share in the company’s Vision and Mission.